Tips for sustainable shopping

Sustainable shopping is an investment in your wellbeing, the community and the environment. Making informed and ethical choices about where and how you shop allows you to feel great now and contribute to a better planet for generations to come. It’s also a fantastic way to discover higher quality products that taste better or last longer!

Here are some tips to infuse your shopping routines with an eco-friendly and more ethical spin.

Support local businesses

Buying local supports homegrown talent while also boosting employment and the South Australian economy. You can purchase with confidence, knowing that workplace conditions for employees are fair and safe.

Finding out about what is happening in your patch of the world is also half the fun. Get to know some of the friendly faces behind what you’re consuming. Understanding the stories and processes are guaranteed to make the journey even more enjoyable and delicious.

Buy in-season & locally produced

Produce that makes it from farm to fridge, paddock to plate, and brewery to bar don’t have as far to travel therefore have a lower carbon footprint in comparison to imported goods. Consider how far your products have come and consider choosing something with lower travel miles.

In-season products are better, taste fresher, and have higher nutritional value due to lower storage times. Avoid pre-packaged or overpacked items and opt for sustainable farms or producers who use minimal or no pesticides and chemicals.

Green your online order

The convenience and ease of online shopping has made it a staple in many households. While most retailers offer recyclable packaging, it pays to do your own research on what other commitments an organisation has to sustainability.

The thrill of receiving your order quickly comes with a carbon cost. If time is not of the essence, go for the slowest shipping option. This allows couriers to optimize the efficiency of deliveries and minimise the carbon footprint of your order. If possible, consolidate items in your order and try to get everything you need from the one place.

Keep your eyes peeled for the option to apply a carbon offset to your order if you can afford to do so. A carbon offset is a small fee which guarantees the company will take measures to reduce or remove the emission of greenhouse gases associated with your purchase.

Upcycle & recycle your bottles

Get your creative juices flowing with a crafternoon. Upcycling can turn trash into treasure and give items new life and purpose.

Plastic bottles are the perfect foundation to get a small garden going or a planter wall. Cut the bottle in half and paint or decorate as you wish. Fill with soil and plant of choice. Voila!

Glass bottles make for lovely vases and are also reusable as water pitchers for a gathering.

Keep the corks from wine bottles in large clear glass containers as a table centerpiece as well as a memento of fun nights spent with loved ones.

If you just aren’t that crafty, make sure you recycle your cans, bottles & packaging by placing them into your kerbside recycling bin, or taking them to your nearest bottle collection point and making a few extra dollars to donate back towards your carbon offset or your favorite local charity.