Our Impact

We believe in “A World Where Purpose Matters”, so are 100% committed to conducting our business responsibly and doing things that delight our customers and positively impact local communities in which we operate.

Our mission is to create a positive impact on people, planet, product and place

Local Cellars People


A Fair go for All
(Treat Everyone Equally)

Fairness, equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, social responsibility, dignity and respect for everyone.

Local Cellars Beach Cleanup


Reduce Waste & our Carbon Footprint

Resource efficiency, renewable energy, waste reduction, lower emissions, water/stormwater management, ethical supply chain, minimise transport/product miles.

Local Cellars Eco-Packaging


Great Products & Better Packaging

Locally (first) and responsibly sourced & organic products, improve traceability; sustainability; circularity & impact, better collaboration, more transparency, sustainable & innovative pro-planet packaging.

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Engagement & Wellbeing
Local Above All Else

Family owned, hyperlocal focus (committed to SA & Australia first), ongoing community engagement & tangible actions, prioritise wellbeing, fair go for small local producers (newbie nursery), regenerative retail & ethical business practices.

Our Commitment to “Doing Good”

Doing Good and Driving Positive Change is What Drives Us

We work hard to ensure we are sustainable and socially responsible in our business practices and strive to make a positive impact by supporting our local neighbourhood and partners who do the same. We will continue to collaborate and prioritise responsible, locally sourced products, protect our natural resources and reduce our waste and emissions, so we can create a better place, where our customers love to shop.

To ensure we remained focused on meaningful outcomes for the community, we will be guided by our sustainability goals and embrace positive actions from our business partners, suppliers, allies, and supporters to change our industry from the inside out.

Our Goals include:

  • Reduce our Carbon Footprint
  • Towards Zero Waste
  • Better Packaging
  • Great Products
  • Community Engagement & Wellbeing
  • A Fair Go for All
  • Local Above All Else
Local Cellars Planting

Regenerative Retailing

Restore, Renew, Replenish

Local Cellars Globe In Hand

Committed to a circular economy approach in which our practices are regenerative (restore, renew, replenish), sustainability & responsibility are at the core of our decisions and our mantra is to

“Think Global and Act Local”.

We are also committed to providing a path to customers for like-minded suppliers and producers, by creating memorable shopping experiences and access to the widest range of organic, responsible, and environmentally sustainable products in Australia.

Our Place in Community

Building a Local Neighbourhood Ecosystem

As an independent, community based, hyperlocal retailer, we are committed to providing shoppers with memorable shopping experiences, focused first on sourcing, and selling locally acquired and produced products.

We believe in giving a ‘fair go’ to families, small producers and suppliers that are too often overlooked by national chains. We celebrate all tipples and tastes, embracing opportunities to introduce our customers to something new, whilst treasuring heritage brands and generational products that have become part of our family businesses. People and local community are at the heart of what we do. We are intrinsically connected to place, and the communities we serve.

We are intrinsically connected to place, and the communities we serve.


We are a local business but we’re also part of a movement for change, so we are taking action on issues that impact our community every day. We believe it is our responsibility to give back, pay it forward and support the people who support us, so have established our “Good4Locals” programme that supports local fundraisers and not-for-profit partners every time our customer’s shop.

Initially, our community programmes will be focused on environment, mental health, and social enterprise, so our customers can help to address some of the real issues affecting their local communities by using the power of their consumer dollar for good.

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