Regenerative Retailing

Regenerative Retailing

Regenerative retailing refers to a business model which not only neutralises its environmental impact but also seeks to tip the scales of good both socially and environmentally.

The mantra “Think Global and Act Local” is at the centre of Local Cellar’s efforts to improve the prosperity of the community and protect the planet. Renewable energy and water management play a vital role in our aim to use resources efficiently and minimise our carbon emissions.

Our future-focused solutions:

  • Reduce,
  • Reuse,
  • Refurbish,
  • Repair,
  • Recycle and,
  • Regenerate within our local community.

We recognise that we can’t do it alone. That’s why we have opted for a circular economy approach which leverages our unique position in the supply chain. Local Cellars champion local businesses who have the same positive environmental and social aspirations as we do. This means collectively, our sustainability efforts will be more impactful. Luckily for you, they are also among the most delicious producers in the world.

Local Cellars has curated the widest collection of organic, responsible, environmentally sustainable products driven by craftmanship and premium ingredients. We have scoured Australia to bring you well-known classics and trusty old faithfuls. Our Newbie Nursery will nurture up-and-coming talent that will soon become bar and cellar staples. Providing a platform for these producers minimises our (and your) carbon footprint by reducing the transport and product miles between us. Beyond this, we believe transparency is vital. By keeping our friends (producers) close, we can ensure that there’s an ethical supply chain, improved traceability to the origins of ingredients, and better collaboration to maximise circularity and our net positive impact. We also want to look to sustainable global creators who are leading the way so you’ll also find a very select range alongside our expansive proudly local collection.

People will always be Local Cellars greatest investment. We value the contributions of all individuals in our family network who provide the community with thoughtful, personalised service and help turn Local Cellar’s goals into a reality. Our people principles are fairness, diversity, inclusion and respect for all, and we extend this to our projects that support community wellbeing. As a family-owned business, Local Cellars are committed to supporting the community to deliver tangible results through our Good4Locals program that aids local fundraisers and not-for-profit partners every time our customer’s shop.

Local Cellars retailers are passionate locals and community is the centre of our world. Join us on our journey of meaningful action and positive change today.