Local Cellars Banquet Food & Wine joined the Local Cellars Network in December 2023, with owner, Don Totino and director, Joe Carbone, bringing a wealth of knowledge in the alcohol industry, and both eager to become the first Adelaide metro store to wear the Local Cellars banner. “It’s a brand-new identity. We’ve supplied products to Foodland for over 40 years and believe that unity is a great thing for everyone. We are proud to be part of the Local Cellars group,” said Joe.

Local Cellars Banquet offers a wide range of imported and local products. Expect to find Limoncello and Peroni, as well as local wines from the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, and McLaren Vale.

Local Cellars Banquet Food & Wine has become a one-stop shop for their wide customer base, as they’re able to come in-store and explore the wide range of delicious meats, pasta, and Italian sweets, as well as being able to grab a bottle of their favourite wine.

“When it comes to international wines, we have quite a lot of knowledge and industry experience,” said Don Totino.

Joe talked about his favourite part about work being the people he works with, as well as being able to extend their products and services to the community through Local Cellars. We also discovered his favourite drink is Scotch Whiskey!

As for plans for the future, Don, Joe and the team are excited to launch their very own wine club and offer something unique to the community – watch this space!

Head into Local Cellars Banquet Food & wine and discover a wide range of beer, wine & spirits, and try one of their wood oven pizzas, and homemade Vanilla slice!

Local Cellars Banquet Food & Wine
992 Port Road,
Albert Park SA 5014